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There are times when we all feel overwhelmed with our own particular situation. There seems to be no way out. 

It is at times like these that the Action MS advocate is there to help and support you.  The advocate will meet with you to discuss any issues you may have and will support you in making a decision about the best way forward in your particular circumstance.

The advocate will be there at all times until you feel your difficulty has been resolved satisfactorily.

Action MS

Our professional care team may not know all the answers but they always manage to help people clear the air and find solutions. The team ensures that a client is never left feeling unsupported.

The advocacy service does, and will, remain a core element of the work of the social care team.

Home Visits

The hallmark of Action MS care is that we work with individuals on a one to one basis in a place of their choice, in their homes or our offices or elsewhere.

We recognise that needs and people are different and it is important to listen. Action MS provides emotional support as and when requested for however long that support is needed.

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To speak to a member of the Action MS Social Care Team please contact us on Tel: 028 907 907 07 or email

Remember Action MS is here for you. We would love to hear from you.

Need to talk to someone? Call us on 028 9079 0707

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Schools Campaign

The Action MS “Walk for MS” is about school communities taking steps to beat multiple sclerosis as well as developing caring attitudes.

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